Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 26-Back to Clingmans Dome

My pack is so full and heavy! It is almost as tall as me. Ugh re-supply days are heavy days. Rocky picked us up from the NOC and shuttled us back up to Clingmans Dome. Thank you rocky! We started late, around 12:30-went up to the dome again since Lynn wasn't with us the first time to get photos. There were like 3 groups of field trips up there so there were kids everywhere. At one point we were single file held up in the back of the line, luckily they headed left to do a loop and we headed right...to Maine...haha. We had about 9 miles to go today and the first few I was fast and feeling good. I stopped at a log for lunch, and the others joined me. The rest of the day was rough-my feet started hurting so I tried my new trail runners. My heel, left Achilles, and arches were killing me, I fell to the back and took on my own pace. We hit the North Carolina / Tennessee border where everyone drove, took a photo, and drove off. How accomplishing. When the physical pain gets bad, the emotional follows. I listened to my iPod and tried to carry on, I didn't want to walk any further. I didn't know if I should put my boots back on, or stay in my sneakers, I didn't want to hurt myself more, it was miserable. And then I saw the .2 miles to the shelter sign. I took a bathroom break and trucked on with some new energy. I bounced off the rocks and weaved the path. I rolled into the shelter around 8:30, my bedtime! I have my routine pretty set; I set up my tent, ate, hung my food, and got in my tent to journal and stretch for bed. It's rather chilly tonight compared to the past couple nights!

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