Wednesday, May 14, 2014

39-Back To Life, Back To Reality

After slack packing and walking south for 3 days part of me was ready to be back to normal. It is odd but I kind of missed my pack, I missed the distribution of weight instead of it all pulling around my waist, I missed my Camelbak and being able to constantly sip water, I missed having everything I would ever need on my back. But I didn't miss the 45 pounds (now less I'm sure!) Lynn woke up around 7:30, I started moving around a little before 9:00, it's nice to be back on schedule! I made my morning sludge (it was less rubbery I think last time I put too much protein powder and didn't mix it well) and started to pack up, Lynn left a little after 9 I left at 10:30...yup, back to normal haha. I gotta start my tent process at 7pm so I can get up earlier with the hot weather vastly approaching I overheat. I hiked alone, caught up to Korey, and we caught Lynn at the shelter where I made a hot lunch of couscous and chicken packet (so filling I saved a little left over as a snack later on) we haven't seen Rocky, I wonder if he took a zero...we were debating staying at a camp spot half way down the mountain, hiking officially into Erwin and paying to tent at a hostel, or finding a hobo camp in town. We made the decision that we would see if Big Dave still had his room; if we could bum a shower off him, go to dinner, and then look for a spot to pop up our tents. Dave accepted my favor, and the idea of dinner. We hiked with Seabiscuit and on the way down she had found 2 dogs, she wasn't sure if they were somebody's and they had gotten hurt or what. Korey called the number on the tag and it turns out they are the owner of a hostel so Korey hiked down to meet the guy. I followed a few minutes behind him. When I got to the road, I saw Korey, no dogs, and a pickup truck. I guess the dogs had continued on, and the truck owner was the owner of the hostel-he had SoulMoney in the back! They left and Lynn joined us, she went to pay for letting her park her car there for the week and started to disassemble some chairs she is bringing to her daughter. She had told me that I was to carry on the purple tribe and touch up anyone at Damascus (today was our last day hiking together, she gets off the trail for 10 days for graduations and family stuff) it won't be the same without her...not looking forward to her leave of absence! She told me while her and Korey take apart the chairs, some people at the hostel wanted a purple touch. I headed on over and recruited 8 or so new tribe members! And I think 1 touch up. I will never be Triple P, PPP, 3 P, or Purple, but I am honored to be the one carrying on the purple polish! We even got to meet Isaac-Beverly's grandson! What are the chances, so glad we finally know who he is though! After hanging out at the hostel talking to people, getting Lynn's car, hiker packed, we headed to Super 8 to shower thanks to Dave! Once showered, we piled into the little Toyota (Dave drove) and tried to find Primos for dinner. After going into Walgreens Dave knew where to go (two packs were tied to the bike rack so the highway was not an option even if it was quicker) we took a 15min backroad drive to the Italian restaurant. Lynn and I shared a Greek salad and I ordered a medium calzone with ricotta, spinach, broccoli, and pepperoni. It came out as big as my head and smiling at me-but it didn't have ricotta or pepperoni. I didn't want to wait by sending it back but they insisted since I was kinda bummed on the no ricotta-the pepperoni was missing but a calzone with no ricotta...come'on! They boxed up the first one for me AND brought me a new one! It was so good (and no I couldn't finish it!) Lynn hit up walmart to get a few things and again it was already 9:30...where does the time go?! Dave got us lost and we ended up back at Primos, tied the packs better and jumped on the interstate-2 exits up we were back at the motel. Thanks Dave for the shower, we better see you soon! Now that it is almost 10:00 we have to find somewhere to camp...we came across a campground, debated a church parking lot, debated the car, and debated just driving to Damascus...I was starting to fall asleep in the backseat while the options went back and fourth. We drove back to the campground, parked the car, hope it doesn't get towed, and we don't get charged for tenting here and set up our tents. I have seen more spiders tonight while trying to set up, than my whole trip so far...damn you campground. They were everywhere. We are right next to the river, the railroad tracks, and picnic tables and an actual restroom. Family camping trip! While catching up on the blog I heard the train very loud (at least no whistle was blown) and then not too long ago some people being loud, what sounded like a dumpster or door shutting and then a car peeling out in the gravel. It's 12:18 I better get some sleep-tomorrow: road trip with Lynn and Korey to Damascus for Trail Days this weekend! But Lynn heads to NJ after dropping us off instead :( it's 12:51, I caught up on some Instagram and the train just went by again...

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