Wednesday, May 14, 2014

35- Because Town Wasn't Enough...

So it rained last night and through the morning, and this is how I feel about the day when it is raining outside...(see below) I woke up at 6:30, checked the time-said oh hell no when I saw it was 6:30 and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 8:00 and decided to start my getting up routine (it's a process.) I made my brown sludge with the new protein powder my mom sent me and it doesn't dissolve as well as the one Ryan left me with, this one turns into little rubber chunks lol how delightful! We started walking in a light sprinkle nothing bad, I am carrying less than 1L of water (vs. my usual 3+) because the weight of my pack...again, it's 45 lbs without water! The day wasn't bad even though it wasn't a ideal hiking day (for me.) UNTIL we got to the shelter to eat lunch and all hell broke loose (not really, that's actually later) so I got my jetboil out to make lunch since it was now pouring out-and I dropped my open food bag (open) in the mud. Awesome. To make things worse I also dropped my jetboil from the top of my pack on the ground and cracked the plastic bottom "cup." Damn. Lynn boiled some water and soul money provided us with some echenachia green tea. He has also been carrying a cat that Pigpen started to carry his name is Zeek (Ezekiel.) From there the plan was to go to the hostel since it had a cafe and Lynn and Korey wanted to get a soda-I was lacking water so I wanted one thing and that was all that was on my mind. They stopped at Mom's Store and I pressed on in hopes of finding water. I failed. I came to the sign that said Hemlock Hollow .6 miles away so I said well I am out of water, they wanted to stop there so I will head that way. I quickly was out of the woods and walking on a road; passed a house with a confederate flag and a woman out front so I decided to ask where the hostel was, she replied "oh it's just at the end of the road, at the stop sign across the street" oh, ok thanks! Perfect it's right down the road. Then as I passed their house their backyard of dogs barked their heads off. Walking...walking...where the hell is this stop sign! Then I come to a tall grassy area and hear another dog barking, then I see it...all I think is this thing better be tied up! Surely it was. Phew. Walk, walk, walk some more, a farm with cows and finally I see a stop sign! And the hostel! (This seemed like a 45min walk...could be because I thought I was lost and aimlessly walking) but generally I walk 2 miles in an hour so either the hostel was further than .6 or it really wasn't that long walking. Reguardless I found it, and I can get water! The hostel was right on the river, I went inside to see if a woman (Lynn) called about slack packing she said no one has called since 11:00, great. So I went outside and filtered some water. And filtered some more, I mixed some Gatorade, and in walks Lynn and Korey! Phew, we decide to stay the night and slack pack (bring only a day pack of food and water and have our packs brought to us) the next day 19 miles. Korey and I tented, Lynn stayed in a bunk, and they went to get food at the cafe-I prepared some couscous and chicken packet since my pack weighs so much and went up and joined them. A woman couldn't fathom the fact that I had walked here...from GA. "So you don't have a car?!" No, no I don't. There was a woman there who had been there for 2 weeks, work for stay guess that's what happens when you start a romance fling. I hate paying for tenting when I do it every night for free...but oh well, I am glad we stayed.

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