Friday, May 9, 2014

34-It's Been Fun Hot Springs

Woke up at 8:30 all snugly in bed it was so nice! We made plans last night to meet Big Dave for breakfast at 9:00 so Lynn headed down to meet Dave while I got dressed and then Korey came down to shower. I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF MY BREAKFAST! I was almost done and was like DAMN I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE! Soooooo I had a ruby red grapefruit juice, two eggs over medium, bacon, and a bagel with cream cheese it was so good then I shared French toast with Lynn Mmmmmm! After breakfast we packed up, I showered, and checked out of our "rooms." We hit up the outfitter so Lynn could get some stuff and I got some Cliff and Protein bars and weighed my pack...45 pounds?! SHIT! No good...this scares me. Granted I have a ton of food, refill on peanut butter, refill of protein, and the whole 9 yards-so sure each day it will get lighter but I am a small person! We will head out today, probably do about 10 miles since it is already 12:30 and we're still hanging out in town! Next stop is Erwin, TN-should roll in Wednesday.

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