Saturday, April 5, 2014

Road Trip CT to DC

As I scrambled to get everything together last minute last night, naturally the morning came too soon! When I tell Ryan to be at the house for 8am; if I really want him there at 8:00, I have to say 7am. We departed around 9:00 and only stopped once for gas and turkey sandwiches from Starbucks. Though he may need new brakes... After checking into JW Marriott, we made our rounds to: Washington Monument, Jefferson, Lincoln, The White House, National Mall, Korean, Vietnam, and Einstein! I wish we knew how many miles we walked. Not sure if we got sun burnt from the sunroof in the car, from being outside on this gorgeous day, or if it is windburn; but we both have some pretty pink faces and neck/chests. Not only did we see a proposal at Lincoln's Monument, but also a wedding! After figuring out I only brought a micro USB when I need both a micro and mini USB cord, we ventured to: CVS (Doesn't carry any phone chargers), Sprint (closes at 6pm it is now 6:30), Staples (closes at 6 as well), finally RadioShack (open until 8.) WHY DOES EVERYTHING CLOSE SO EARLY IN THE CITY ON A SATURDAY!? Needless to say, I got the cord to charge the GoPro, had a great mushroom ravioli dinner at Chef Geoff's, and now relaxing in the hotel bed. Check out some of our photos from today below; tomorrow: some more DC tourism, then another long road trip to Helen, GA!

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