Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 10 Hello NC!

Lynn and I made it through the night and defrosted and hiked on. Lynn said a prayer for me and my injuries on the side of the trail. Soon after we crossed paths with Dave and the three of us hiked on. I was in high spirits from the weather being so nice and knowing we would cross into North Carolina! Georgia holds some great memories, experiences, and hardships and we are passed the 25% drop out rate. But boy was I happy to see that GA/NC sign! North Carolina said hello real quick with some steep climbs! I started to get tired and then Nick creeped up on us-funny how the trail works and you get to see people you haven't in a couple days. Right before the  shelter we hit a beautiful lookout that was  breathtaking. It was surreal, I took off my sneakers and enjoyed the view. Most stayed for a bit, and then headed to camp; Dave and I stayed up there to enjoy it. That's what it's all about ain't it?! Once we got to camp I set up my tent, ate my first mountain house dinner, a and hung out with people I haven't seen in days. A bunch of us at sunset headed up to that lookout to watch the sun go down, the photos didn't do it justice; but my memory will. After we made a big bon fire and chatted for awhile to keep warm. I didn't want to leave but I have learned mornings come real quick! It is such a rollercoaster of highs and lows-I live for nights like tonight!


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