Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 9 More Rain

Well good news is I didn't roll off the bed! The thing about hostels is; there are 9 people in one room and when 2 men snore, it is not slumber worthy. Even over the iPod I could hear them, I hope the mouse isn't in the bottom of my bag either! This morning we woke to more rain and since I hiked yesterday in rain I am not too thrilled about but I want to hike with Lynn so I'm not alone again. The breakfast bell rang at 8:15 and we all piled into the other room for some great food! Pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup, scrambled eggs, cheese biscuits, sausage patties, Hashbrown patties, orange juice, tea, coffee. Gary lead us in grace and then we enjoyed our breakfast and company. The rain picked up so Lynn and I are gonna get dropped off at the library to wait out the rain a bit, and then possibly try to get 5 miles under our belt so we will make it to the NC border possibly tomorrow! (I will edit as I go adding photos or writing as I get in town or have service and look back to my journal) so here is a recap of what else happened. Gary dropped Lynn, Nick, Corey, and I off at the senior center/public library. Lynn found me a chair in the back and one for my feet and a beanbag to prop my feet up on-then she gave me a food magazine, this woman is great! I took short naps, dreamed of food and recipes and chatted  with Lynn on and off. At about 1:00 Lynn and I walked to Subway for lunch and I got a ham, cheese, and veggie sub with Doritos and vitamin water. We then got a ride back to the trail when the rain passed so we could get 5 miles in. It was a little chilly but a gorgeous day for a hike! Nick, Dexter, pigpen, and Cooper stayed in town another night-must be nice to hike fast! We saw Rocky again which is always nice, and got to the shelter a little after 6pm. Ate dinner (the other half of my subway and chips! And I made some Kraft Mac and cheese) socialized and then it became too cold to bare. I had to get every piece of clothing I owned on me and into my tent, but first I had to poop...now I don't go in privies because of sanitation I rather be natural so over I walk with my wet wipes to a secluded tree (I thought) and begun my business. Have you ever pooped outside in below freezing weather with a windchill? Well I HAVE! Now not to get into too much detail here but it was no quick squat and go! Here I am balancing my bare ass in the 20 degree weather and the wind starts whipping and I see Lynn and her purple headband head to the privy; stealth mode stand real still and hope she doesn't see me. It is crazy to think only a few days ago we were getting sun burnt. A lot of blogs, videos, and photos I see of the trail is happy times-I have decided to include all of the times because the good out weighs the bad but there are plenty of bad! (See below) haha

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