Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 8 Blueberry Patch Hostel

Knowing I should get up and start my morning routine made staying in sound so much better. I got up, filtered water, made my brown sludge breakfast (packet of instant brown sugar oatmeal, packet of chocolate carnation breakfast, vanilla protein powder) and let it sit while I packed up my tent. I started back on the trail around 9am with my crocs and got texts from my mom, Lynn, nick, and Ryan. (Oh! My night was so lonely because there was!) My mom was freaking out that something happened to me so I let her know that I was alive and ok. I hiked on into a depressing white fog in hopes to catch up to Lynn soon (she was already at the hostel this morning she started early.) And then it started to rain. It wasn't bad at first and then I had to get out my rain jacket and pack cover. Is it something with raining on Mondays on the AT? Few hours later I reach the road crossing at Dick's Creek Gap around 12:30 maybe? The rain is steady and there are 3 hikers waiting on the other side of the road that I was hoping they were headed to the hostel but instead they were trying to go 12 miles into town. The other downside of this rainy situation is there is no cell service so I couldn't call the hostel either to pick me up. Soooo left I went, down the road, towards Blueberry Patch Hostel in my crocs, in the rain. I hear a car coming up behind me, I throw out my thumb, zoomed passed me, on I walked. My toes started to soak through and get itchy, my spirits drained oh and now we are at 38 cars passing my thumb...thanks guys. But then, I see a pickup slam on his brakes, throw it in reverse, and hit the guard rail. Let me repeat, HE SLAMMED HIS TRUCK INTO THE GUARDRAIL. So, I walked over and asked if he knew how to get to Blueberry Patch Hostel but he didn't know about it (it was only 2 miles away from where I had walked to but he didn't know) so, I said you mind trying to find it with me? Just as I was about to hop in, a jeep pulled in ahead of us and he asked if I was the girl he was supposed to pickup? I asked in confusion, for blueberry? He's like, Lynn sent me- I'm like YUP! I thanked the man in the pickup and hopped in with Gary the hostel owner. They ain't kidding when they say this journey is a roller coaster of ups and downs! So I get to the hostel soaked, having to pee, and everyone is about to head to town for food-so I get the tour and hop into the jeep...all 7 of us plus Gary so on Lynn's lap I go! We get to a great pizza buffet with a salad bar and the pizza was amazing, anything you wanted they made and brought it out. We all stuffed our faces and then got dropped off at a general type store by the cook of the pizza joint to pick up supplies. 6 of us got in the back of his pickup with the cover up. I got, sneakers (per my mom strongly suggested it) which I followed up that I strongly suggested she come down and carry my two extra pairs! I also stocked up on some college junk hiker food and a poweraide for now. We sat outside the store and talked until Gary picked us back up. And dropped Dexter off to get food so part of the first Purple People Eaters are reunited! Then we stopped at the ATM and headed back to the hostel. I gathered all of my dirty clothes which they so generously wash for you, and headed for the bathhouse. On the way paid my respects to the donkey and then enjoyed a nice shower! Climbed up in my 3 story bunk which doesn't have enough space for me to sit up but I am more than grateful to be here! Just got noted breakfast is done by bell usually around 8:15am sounds good to me.

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