Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 6 Helen...

So I woke up thinking Ryan was going to drive me to Tray Mountain Road so I could get to Tray Gap and rest my feet and we plugged it into the GPS and drove up a narrow, dirt, bumpy, washed out road for an got so bad that at the last stretch I hopped out through the window to direct him where to drive. At that point we couldn't make it any further in the little Honda that a couple told us we were trying to go up the wrong side of the service road, that the other way was easier...again another hour driving down we made it back to pavement. We stopped in a boiled peanut and antique type of store (one of many here) and asked for directions. From there we were on our way, to yet another wrong location...unicoi parking where trail magic was going on-burgers, dogs, salad drinks and more! It was great to see and I got to see Birdie and Puzzle. Getting dropped here was too far for my healing body so push came to shove and back to Helen I went. I should really take out stock in Best Western...another night please. Ryan unloaded me and said his goodbyes and he was off. I've never stayed in a hotel by myself, and suddenly panicked I was alone, no car, no one I knew, no where to really be-so I did the most logical thing, I texted my mom. She told me to take a nice hot bath and relax my mind and muscles; so I looked at the tub and got grossed out like any other tub other than my own-so I lay down a towel, and turned on the hot water. I looked over my battered and bruised body as I got undressed and started to tear up when my phone started to ring, it was Nick-I answered. He went on to tell me he is coming to town for the night with some guys and we should get dinner and drinks, I agreed. After hanging up with Nick I heard a knock at the door. Should I answer? Pretend I'm not here? I wrapped a towel around and looked through the peep hole and then opened the door-it was Ryan! Long story short he had broken down and got dropped off while his car was being looked at-guess the off-road adventure we took was a bad idea. But I was so relieved to see him. So I soaked for a little and then we decided to hit up a local vineyard-best part their logo had a frog! (I love frogs for those who may not know) so we went in and we were the only people-inside was gorgeous all wood. We had our tastings and I bought a bottle (basically for the label and all) I got a call from Dave asking if we had room in the hotel and if he could shower, so after we finished up at the tasting we scooped Dave and hit up another. This one was a lot busier and we had to wait a little but I ended up buying 2 bottles at this one and we each enjoyed a glass outside. After, we met up with Nick, Dexter, Pigpen, and Cooper (names are mixed with trail names and real names) we ate at a nice outdoor restaurant and of course I got a filet with mushrooms and a wine sauce and asparagus...hey! Any other night it's Knorr pasta sides haha gotta indulge. We started with fried green tomatoes which were amazing! After dinner, we went and took old time photos-what a great idea, so fun! And then hit up the beer garden and played some corn hole. After that the boys wanted to go to this bar the waitress at the beer garden told them about so we tried to find it (meaning it was across town near our hotel...) so we went there and they had fun but not as much fun as Dave and we will leave it at that! The good news is, Ryan's car just had a rock lodged in it or something, the bad news he takes off early the next morning to make it home in time for work Monday morning-booooo.


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