Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 4 Neils Gap/Blood Mountain Cabins

We couldn't have asked for a better week (with the exception of Monday) for the start. Most of us have sunburns on some part of our body (me having the right side of my neck, my ear, and both tops of my hands being red) I am wearing a knee brace on my right knee because it is in so much pain, blisters and ankle wounds are still hurting daily and we came to more amazing views at the top of Blood Mountain. I started hiking with Nick, Ryan, and Salty but towards the top half the last .9 to the top it was just my ipod and I stomping on. It felt so good to reach the top until I sat and made my lunch of tortilla, peanut butter, and Nutella; and looked over to see a family eating their whole pack of bananas, beer, sandwiches and just staring at us. We again took a group photo see below from left to right: Lynn, Neon, Dave, Salty Balls, Me, Ryan, Nick, and Dexter. On the way down Lynn and I got lost for a good half hour to 45min we were bush whacking down the rock face and then back up to finally meet back up with the trail and continue down. We then decided we would get two cabins for the 8 of us at Neils Gap. It felt like a family vacation, the cabins were right on the river, had a back porch, full kitchen, bathroom, two queen beds, it was amazing showering after 4 days YES FOUR DAYS without a shower. Our cabin was Ryan, Lynn, Dave, and myself. I got to FaceTime with Mom, Hunter, and Felix (mostly talk to mom while looking at Hunter man I miss them!) We all showered, got our laundry together, and washed our pots; and then sat down for a relaxing game of Scrabble which Lynn OWNED us at..."KA." Dexter's mom bought us 4 pizzas and the guys pitched in for some beer and everyone from the other cabin came to ours to all hang out and enjoy pizza, soda, chips, and beer. I iced my knee for a good part of the night and hung out with everyone. It was a great time, sleeping in a bed was amazing by the way, Lynn and I shared the downstairs one. Tomorrow is Ryan's last day hiking with us :( I guess some people have to work...

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