Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 23-Supposed Rainy Days to Beautiful Days in the Smokys

If I am hungry, I eat. If I am thirsty, I drink. If I am tired I rest. If I gotta poop-I poop!
Today I woke up at 7am and meditated laying down, then I stretched and got my stuff together. Earliest day waking up yet! I was last out of us three to leave camp though at 9:30. It rained last night, but turned out to be a gorgeous dry walk in the woods by the time I got on my way-yay! I enjoyed my morning walk alone and then I saw Rocky's smiling face! Lynn was about 30 minutes ahead he said. 3 miles flew by and the first shelter appeared! Korey was eating an early lunch and Lynn was on the trail ahead, so I hiked on. The next 3 miles flew by and then I started a nice climb up through a bald. It was such a nice change of scenery tge flowers were gorgeous. It was very windy so I climbed to a rockthat  was somewhat out of the wind path and had a nice hot ramen lunch. It was great. I neared the top shortly after lunch and saw Lynn sitting on the next bald, so I made my way over to her. We joined and I lead on-the downhill was killer, my feet were so sore. I switched into my sneakers and seemed faster overall today. I saw a black salamander which was awesome and a rabbit! I got to the bottom of the downhill my feet hurting, I sat on a log and put on my headphones. Then I saw written in the dirt "1 mile to shelter symbol" so I left to see how fast I could get there. It was 4:14 and after two ups and a straight down to the shelter arriving at 4:45! First time I left camp last and got there first, great ego boost for sure! My workday: 9:30-4:45, great views, stopping, eating, and doing what I want when I want! I hung my tent to dry since it was soaked from the night before. I sat for 15 minutes to rest my feet and Lynn arrived; I got water, set up my tent, and made dinner. There was a cool crowd of two couples in their upper 20's and then my tent called my name so I obeyed. Service sucks here-wish I could send out a text. My fancy headlamp overhead lamp for my stretch/yoga sesh. I hope tomorrow is as good as today weather wise and my hiking ability. Clingmans Dome here we come-please be clear!

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