Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 20-Trail Magic Makes Everything Better

This morning was windy. This morning was rainy. Did I mention this morning was windy and rainy?! Ugh. So much for an amazing view...the sides of my tent radiated and blew in so much they would touch me, it was wild. It was one of those mornings where I didn't want to move from my tent-had I been alone, I may not have...I ran out to pee quick and saw Korey was staying dry in Lynn's tent, so I ran back to mine and made breakfast. This is the first time I've cooked inside my tent: my typical carnation breakfast, protein powder, oatmeal concoction. Today I was pretty stoked for peaches and cream oatmeal that Big Dave gave me! While I let it sit, I started getting my things together to put outside my tent to pack up; a huge gust blew the side of my tent inward, upward, and knocked over my hot breakfast. All over my sleeping pad, tent, and dry bags was a hot sticky concoction called breakfast. I was livid! Annoyed as I was, I removed everything and tried to clean stuff as best I could...which isn't very well out in the woods. The day brought some wild weather; from rain to sun, to cold and wind on repeat. I saw one of the couples from last night, and by saw; I mean heard. She was yelling at him, my guess was along the lines of "it is raining, something hurts, and you are ahead of me." This is only my guess from past experiences in relationships and how I was feeling so I am 95% sure this was the issue. NEVERMIND-I don't miss relationships! I chuckled to myself this whole time and secretly grinned thinking of how I felt the night before. If that were me, I would probably be acting the same way, and yet I am the same person, same conditions, and I was not miserable. They stopped to eat in the rain and when we said we were going to try and wait out the rain to find a drier spot they smirked and came back with "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" we hiked on. As we got further up our hike the rain stopped and the sun came out, we stopped at a big log big enough for the three of us and prepared our lunches; trudging up comes the irritated couple, and I say: "The grass IS always greener on the other side." And that was that hehehe. As we climbed down to the road we saw a picnic table full of apples and bananas, the bananas looked sad but my green apple was amazing, thank you trail magic! I felt great the first half of the day, Jacobs ladder was tough but we made it as usual. We pushed on to Cody Gap to camp and by this time my left hip flexor and outside of my hip (ass muscle area) was killing me. It is always the last couple miles that do me in. 11+ mile days are a lot longer and tougher with elevation gain! Tonight at camp there are two older couples and G-Man; I enjoyed talking to, and hearing their stories. I had a lucky ladybug on my boot at camp! G-Man has the same filter as me, and showed me how you are supposed to clean it...oh, your supposed to read the booklet labeled "instructions"? My bad...haha so thankful for this knowledge since I hadn't cleaned my ceremic filter since and it was so slowwwww, now I know why. It is much quicker and more efficient now-go figure! Tomorrow is Fontana Dam!

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