Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 2 Gooch Gap

Our second day was a blue bird day which got our spirits way up! We headed out and had a great day of hiking, minus my blisters forming. We ended up getting to the shelter early which was nice compared to the night before and we were able to set up camp (Ryan and I) Nick got a spot in the shelter, and we started to relax. Made dinner, hung our bear bags, started a fire, and joined a cult. We met our family away from home this night a group of great people. The boys got a nail or two painted purple by Lynn, (Triple P) I got my whole right hand painted, and Lynn and Birdie got both of their hands done. After telling stories by the fire and getting to know each other a bit, there was a small game of frisbee, I burnt a small hole in my pants tending to the fire, and off to bed we went having Lance Creek in mind for the next evening.

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