Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 19-Cheoah Bald

Another gorgeous day for a hike, we saw a memorium to a ranger who took his life to try and save another. I put a rock on along with the rest. We saw someone post a note that there was a rattle snake ahead THANK GOD I didn't come across it! Phew for now! Today we met 3 people who started on my birthday this year, I wonder what their drawbacks were. Today's climb was tough; it was a lot of up, and though I enjoy straight up more it was exhausting and hot. We ended up resting our feet, eating dinner, and getting water at Sassafras shelter before pushing on an extra 1.2 miles to the bald to camp. It was a workout getting there, but then again nothing worth having comes easily, and hard work pays off! Once I saw the view it was worth it. I was the first up, so I got the privilege to get front row prime reale state facing my tent opening towards the mountain range. The morning view would be spectacular I thought! My official trail name now is Cheeky Chi and when I told Lynn my pack needed a name she responded, "well, I have heard you call it Bitch before" so it's official name is Blue Bitch. We got a fire going and 5 other people we had seen throughout the day set up tents as well. It's odd hanging around with people closer to my age (Korey is around my age) but typically I like to hang with an older crowd and the trail is no different. Tonight I see couples around my age interacting and it makes me miss camping as a couple. I don't get these sentimental feelings with my normal crew because we are all a bunch of solo hikers hiking together. Lynn and I watched the sun set on the other side of where we were camping, wasn't far at all but I always enjoy a good sunset! Tomorrow calls for rain which is depressing. Hopefully it's not too bad, what a catch 22! It was so windy up on the bald that the fire we did have going kinda vortexed and had smoke constantly in all directions...around 9 I crawled into my tent because the wind and smoke wasn't worth it. My tent is my safe spot, I love it so much. I haven't stayed in a shelter because I enjoy my alone time and comfort my tent brings to me, most nights my routine is to stretch in my tent, foot massage, write in my journal and then go to bed. I love socializing at the shelters or fire pit, but being able to go to my space at the end of the night keeps me sane-even if I curse while I pack up my wet muddy tent!

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