Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 17-NOC Nero to Pretty much Zero

It was so nice to leisurely get ready this morning at camp since we only had a mile to walk to the NOC. I walked in my sneakers, Korey in his crocs, and Lynn in her river shoes. It was a quick morning hike and then we reached the road crossing! It is such a gorgeous day today and this place is awesome! First we hit up the restaurant for my awaited omelette! I got the Green River minus the onions add ham with rye toast and it was sooooooo goooooood! See below how good it was. We sat right on the river and it was a nice breakfast change of pace. Next was laundry time so we stripped down and you can see me below in my sexy man under armor boxers, and down jacket because everything else needs to be clean! While Lynn waited for her family, Korey and I walked over to the shower house; it is a little walk and when we got there the coin machine was out. Soooo we walked back to the general store, got $2 worth of quarters (8min) and headed back. I don't have a camp towel so I went into the bathroom and got a bunch of paper towels. I decided to try out my peppermint Dr. Bronners soap and while washing my face it stung the shit outta my eyes! Wooooops haha. It was a colddddd dry off session but I felt so much better. We walked over to meet Lynn's family for lunch and you can see her and her grandson pictured below. I am waiting for my burger. So a recap, I am a little disappointed I tried to order a bacon cheese burger with a fried egg on top and they came back and told me the kitchen wouldn't do it because breakfast is over and something about cross contamination mumbo what, Red Robin and every other great burger place that serves an egg on top of a burger is cross contaminating? I don't think so. Oh well. So we ate, and hung out with Lynn's family for a bit; then headed to fold our laundry and pack up. I went into the outfitters to print off my Smokey Mountain permit and ended up buying a couple cliff and protein bars. It is such a gorgeous day that talk was being heard of possibly staying the night...I'm down! So we found out that we can get a shuttle to and back, and a cabin for me, Korey, Lynn, her daughter Erin, and her newborn Elijah for a reasonable price, SOLD! I went into the general store and picked up some tampons, small pack of Oreos, small bag of frito BBQ twists, and a small hand sanitizer. I took the tampons out of their small box and was fixing to just carry them in my arms across the street until the cashier constantly saw me drop and pick one up and insisted I take a bag across the street at least and then throw it out-I obeyed. The shuttle will pick us up later tonight so we can enjoy this beautiful weather and the river. I am sitting on the rock wall near the bridge watching the kayakers and paddle boards go by. This is the life! I fell asleep in the hammock for about an hour it was the best feeling ever; until an earthquake hit...or what I thought. Two kids decided to hop in, and move around in the connecting two hammocks. They will get in and settle down I thought, wait for it...waiiiiiiit for it...nope. Ok, I'm out. Instantly before my last leg is out of the hammock she is already jumping in. Korey and I walked up to hang with Rocky for a bit, and then Lynn and Erin came out to join us (see below) then we decided to hit up the restaraunt for the 3rd time today because big Dave said he would buy the first round! We got our own private room on the deck and are currently enjoying our beers and onion rings! I want to give a big shout out and thanks to big Dave, you were so kind to pick up our tab and I am forever thankful as I am sure we all are. Phil picked us up at 7:15 and took us to our cabin, and I am pretty sure I am going to move in. Now I recall I have said this before, but this time I am for real! It was a steal too! Tonight it is myself, Korey, Lynn, her daughter Erin, and her newborn Elijah. I got my baby fix!!!! Oh, and there is a shower/tub with jets! Lynn has been soaking and I will probably do the same-hopefully by then Korey will have chosen a VHS by then...yes people I said V.H.S. Today was a good day. If I get electrocuted or my phone stops working it is because I am blogging from the jet tub (funny story: so while I was just typing that; I decided to turn on the jets, the water is not submerging the jets yet...I got a face full of water like I just went down a waterslide and it sprayed all out of the tub as well...) civilization 1 Ashlee 0.

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