Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 16

Packing up a wet tent is always exactly what I want to do in the morning! Seemed our (and by our I mean mine haha) chores dragged this morning. I had to pump water and I have the MSR ceramic pump and I swear it should be making wine by the time I get a Nalgene full...it takes forever. I had two carnation breakfast packets and some protein powder for breakfast and Lynn and I left camp at 9:30 (Dave left earlier to see how fast he could get to NOC, and Corey left after him, but before us.) hiking in the fog and mist wasn't too depressing which was a plus. We decided to eat lunch when we reached the top of the "mountain" I believe it was actually labeled a bald but it defidently wasn't there was a lookout on top. We worked for our lunch. The rain picked up, the climb was steep, and my belly started to rumble. Finally when we reached the top; we set up lunch under the lookout since it was raining and too foggy to see any kind of view. I called my mom and devoured a spinach and herb wrap, with pepperoni and Colby jack cheese-it was so good! We took a shorter than normal lunch since it was rainy and cold and moved on. We were told how we just missed trail magic too of Yuengling and apples! Once we passed the next shelter, Corey showed up behind me-he had stopped and hung out at the shelter for a bit. We hiked on in...wait for it...more rain. We did however get to this downhill rock ledge that had a pretty clearing with fog and clouds. After hiking through what felt like the rainforest, I decided to do some mud skiing...I slid right on my ass in the mud. Thankfully I didn't get hurt, but I got pretty dirty. My feet started to get pretty sore, I am wondering if the insoles I bought are too hard or maybe my feet are still getting used to my new lifestyle. We stopped about half a mile before the shelter to have a snack and rest our feet. I have been switching my socks everytime we rest so at least they are a little drier than the pair before. I save just one pair for sleep/camp so I can always sleep in a "clean" (cleaner) pair of socks. Once we got to camp Lynn and I set up our tents while Corey went up to the shelter. He came down and said Dave got there around 12 and went to NOC which I am not surprised. Dave hikes fast when he's not waiting for us (me.) Corey decided he was going to hike to the NOC without all of his stuff to go eat dinner and see who was there, and though I am dying for a burger I didn't feel like moving. I made loaded mashed potatoes with beef jerky added, pack of fruit snacks and some peppermint tea. Big Dave showed up hurtin pretty bad too so he decided to camp with us. He told us a few jokes my favorite being: "what does a fish say when he swims into a wall?...Oh damn!" I loved that one haha. I again pumped water for awhile since we are right next to the stream, while Lynn and big Dave talked at camp. When I returned we talked of motorcycles, food, jokes and so on. Corey returned a lot earlier than we expected-he said he couldn't find any of the guys so he had a burger, a personal pizza, and some soda and headed back. I am soooo excited for my bacon cheese burger with an egg on top tomorrow! I am kinda hoping they do breakfast as well because I am craving a good omellet! We all sat and talked for awhile, I blogged as well since we will have power tomorrow I didn't want to waste precious food, possible shower/laundry time writing; when I could tonight and not worry about wasting battery. Tomorrow it is only a mile to the NOC and some of Lynn's family is coming to meet her (us lol) and we will do what we gotta do and then hike on so we will do a Nero (Nero is when you hike a smaller amount than normal but more than a zero which is not hiking any miles.) As I wrote in my journal; I heard a scurry passed my tent, I told myself it was a big squirrel. Then I heard breathing and I got a little freaked out, Lynn's tent is right next to mine so I asked her if she heard it and she said no so I said shhhhh and I made a kissing sound and I heard it was a dog who wimperred so she must have opened her tent and saw it was a husky type and then I heard the owner call him. Our tents are right to the left of the trail so he was just passing by but it scared the shit out of me haha I thought it was a wolf or coyote! Well off to bed, tomorrow brings burgers and hopefully other good things! It's not supposed to rain so that is a plus!

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