Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 14- Happy Easter!

Wow it was amazing to sleep inside in a bed! Lynn may beg to differ since I was quite the cuddler I am told (I thought she was cold...just trying to help!) hahaha. Woke up to the smell of breakfast! Happy Easter all! To my family at home: I wish I was at church with you, eating colored eggs, and then headed to brunch. But I had a lovely breakfast with my hiker family, and now we are headed to church with Beverly; she plays the organ at the church. (Pictured below: how to remove yolks with a water bottle, just sucks them up-very cool!) thank you Beverly!!!!!!!! Church was a great experience it was a quaint old church up on a hill with a graveyard out front. Everyone there was so nice! We went to Shoneys after for lunch, then hit up an outfitter and I got a pair of men's under armor boxers for laundry days. After stopping at Burger King so Dave could get a fish sandwich we were off to get back on the trail. It was around 4pm so we were getting a late start. After saying our goodbyes to Beverly we hung her bag of trail magic, and walked on. It was the most perfect gorgeous Easter. I was feeling great on the hike. Once we got to the bald where we were going to camp we set up and Dave and Korey got firewood. We decided to hike to the top, eat dinner, and watch the sunset. It was breathtaking. Easily my favorite night on the trail. Once the sun set, we trekked down the hill to our campsite where Dave came down earlier to get the fire started. Then I enjoyed being the pyro. I couldn't have asked for a better day, I am so thankful!

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