Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 13- lucky 13 I love You Mom!

13 is my Mom's favorite number, so I dedicate this great day to her! Thank you for believing in me and supporting me with all of my crazy ideas! I love you.

I did NOT want to get out of my cozy sleeping bag into the rainy day. There is nothing more dishearting than packing a muddy, wet, tent! I finally decided to get my butt up and pack. As soon as I stepped out of my tent I heard a cheer from the shelter, I raised my hands in a field goal, it was good they cared about me! As I trekked up to the shelter I find out they were calling me last night because they had pizza, a woman picked  two people up, brought them to town and they brought back pizza. Oh well! I also found out the same woman was going to pick us up 3.5 miles away and we were going to stay at her house tonight! It gets better, Persistence had some extra filtered water that she gave me so I didn't have to go and filter. Lynn and I took off down the trail and shortly Dave and Corey caught up (as usual.) Lynn's phone had died and she was the only one with the woman's phone number so we figured when we got to the lot where she was supposed to get us, someone would have a car charger. As we stepped down towards the parking lot we saw a bag of 4 oranges hanging in the tree! There were 4 of us! Score, then as we set foot on pavement a woman handed out Easter ziplocks with a colored boiled egg, an apple, clemintine, and candy! We were in the parking lot maybe 15 minutes before an Audi pulled in and a great couple inside had a phone charger! Lynn plugged her phone in, but it was so dead it took at least 5 minutes for it to just turn on. In that time we talked with the couple and as soon as the apple appeared on Lynn's phone, Beverly's car pulled in. (Lynn recognized it from last night when she went to town with her.) The four of us piled into her SUV and we made a stop at the post office and then made our way to her mountain home. As soon as I got there I plugged in my phone and facetimed with my mom. Then we had left overs for lunch (chicken and rice, spaghetti in a meat sauce, steak, and Lima beans) which were amazing and I had a banana and lemonade as well. Dave started on dishes, and I finished up. We took turns showering which is always AMAZING, and getting our clothes together for the wash. I found out Lynn had tweezers so I plucked my bushy eyebrows! As I walked down the stairs I found out that Beverly had cookies in the oven! Turtle doves I believe they were called. So good. Beverly told us of her current love stories, while they started a game if Scrabble. Currently I am sitting on the floor blogging while Beverly plays the piano and Dave tells her which song to play next, later we are headed to an Italian restaurant with a bar, live music and dancing!

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