Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 11-Biggest Mileage Day Yet

I would like to be efficient enough to get up at 8am and be out of camp by 9:00 but I'm not quite there yet! Today was 9:37 so I am getting closer! The plan was to camp about 9miles away since the next shelter was 12miles and I am still recovering. We stopped a couple times and each time I switched between socks so each pair would be more dry than the ones before. The sneakers I picked up for $29.99 don't breathe very well so switching was a must. Lynn and I had lunch on the side of a mountain and saw Rocky :) after making it to the campsite that was 9miles away around 3:30, we decided to rest a bit and then push on the 3 extra miles to the shelter where everyone else pushed on to. Corey caught up to us so it was the 4 of us hiking together and it was reletivly flat which made the 12 miles possible for me! My biggest day yet. Tomorrow we can either go 8 miles or 12 again; all depends on weather and how I feel.

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